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Cala Millor

The best options for your holidays in Mallorca

The splendid golden sands on the beach and the beautiful blue sea turn Cala Millor into a paradise where you can enjoy your holiday. This dream location is also one the best tourist complexes on the island and offers all the amienities that will make your stay a unique experience.With one of the best beaches on Mallorca, an idyllic setting, this destination never stops to surprise and amaze you.
Most popular sites close to Marins Hotels in Cala Millor
Cala Millor
A beautiful beach
This magnificent beach, over 1 km long, is the ideal place to enjoy Mallorca. The sun together with a gentle sea breeze and the fine, white sand, is the perfect combination to make your dream holiday.
Sa Coma
A magnificent bay
Only Sa Punta de n'Amer separates Cala Millor from this beautiful beach. It's length and accessibility make it a favourite spot for the people who live here. Enjoy it's incredible clear blue sea.
Cala Bona
A corner to explore
The spectacular views from Cala Bona beach means that you can admire the whole Bay, together with its charming harbour and clear blue waters, making it a special spot that surprise and delights its visitors
Costa de los Pinos
Beauty and Nature
One of the best kept secrets of the Mallorquin coastline are the tiny hidden coves of the Costa de los Pinos.The peace pervades these coves, allowing you only to hear nature's true sound.
Closest to our hotels in Cala Millor
Bike ride
A family day out
Enjoy a pleasant bike ride whilst feeling the gentle sea breeze on your face in Cala Millor. The bike lane, located on the esplanade, joining one end of the bay to the other, has been designed for your peace of mind.
Submerge yourself under the sea
Thanks to the transparent water, this area is ideal to practise snorkelling and admire the marine flora and fauna. Discover an exciting underwater world exploring our seabed.
Sport close to the hotel
Close to Marins Hotels you will find tennis courts where you can practise, improve your serve or play a game, taking advantage of the beautiful climate that Mallorca offers
Golf Club
Everything at your fingertips
Two of the more popular golf courses on Mallorca are located just a few kilometres from our hotels. If you are a golfer, or just a fan, you will find the best courses in our area.
Aquatic sports
Activities in the sea
Along the sea promenade in Cala Millor and Cala Bona you will find a plentiful selection of aquatic sports for everyone. Look for what suits you best and enjoy a day at sea
Boat Trip
Enjoy an adventure in the Mediterranean
Get to know the Mallorcan coastline from the sea with a fun boat trip. From the harbour of Cala Bona or in Cala Millor you will find a wide choice of excursions. Choose one and sail away!
What to see
Places of interest in Cala Millor
Sea Promenade
Relax in front of the sea
What better start or end to the day than a relaxing stroll, listening to the waves and feeling the sea breeze on your face? Enjoy this sensation walking along the esplanade from Cala Millor to Cala Bona.
Son Servera
The nearest village
Only 3 kilometres away you will find this urban area with it's rich history and culture. Discover the peace and tranquility of one of the most charming villages on the Island.
Arts and crafts
All the villages on the Island have a weekly market where you can find typical local products, arts and crafts,and other items brought from differents parts of the world.
Popular local fiestas
Traditional and fun
During the summer months each local village celebrates its own popular fiesta with concerts, dancing and lots of fun. Join in with us to enjoy the Mallorquin culture and tradition
Cala Bona harbour
Fishermen in harmony
In Cala Bona harbour you can enjoy fresh fish literally just caught. Here is a typical fishing port where you can still see the fisherman working in the old way. A ideal spot to disconnect from the daily stress
Sa Punta de n'Amer
A protected coastal region
The Cala Millor beach ends where this magnificent natural heritage site starts. The only construction is a defence tower, built in the 17th century, which has been lovingly restored and offers excellent panoramic views of the area.