From Marins Hotels we want to transmit you a message of security and responsibility. In these difficult times due to the Covid19 pandemic, we are all responsible for ending the virus and getting our normal lives back as soon as possible. For this reason, Marins Hotels has had to temporarily close its establishments, but we are excited to open our doors again on the 28th of June in Marins Playa and Marins Playa Suites.

For our company, it is of utmost importance that all our clients and workers feel safe. So our priority is to take all appropriate measures for the tranquility of our guests and make everyone feel at home. To do this, we are implementing all the recommendations and instructions of the WHO (World Health Organization), our Government and the European Commission.

Mallorca in general:
- All playgrounds in Mallorca will be open. Take into account the social distance.
- Face masks are not mandatory on the island as long as social distance is taken into account.
-  All beaches will be open and it´s not necessary to reserve.
- All restaurants and bars will be open, but we a capacity reduce.
- In the shops and supermarkets it is obligated to wear face masks.


General information in Marins Hotels
- Daily temperature controls for employees.
- We will inform guests of the measures being taken in each department through the information televisions requesting the maximum collaboration on their part for their safety.
- Training of all our staff.
- Guide of good practices for our suppliers.
- Face masks are not obligated
- Desinfection of tablets and dataphones after each use.
- Desinfection of rooms with ozone machines.

Restaurants Menorca and Mallorca 
-  Extended hours to avoid crowds.
-  In the restaurants Mallorca and Menorca there will be a buffet for breakfast and dinner only the staff of the restaurant will serve the food for you to prevent everyone from touching the same serving spoons.
-  The individual portions will be prioritized, offering as always the drink service at the table.
- Before entering and leaving the restaurants it´s obligated to desinfect hands at our stations where we have hydro alcoholic gel.
-  Guests have to respect that sometimes they have to wait at the door for their turn until the waiter escorts them to a table.
- Cleaning and disinfection of cutlery, crockery and glassware.
-Drinking cards have QR-code.


- Before entering the bar it´s obligated to desinfect hands at our stations where we have hydro alcoholic gel.
- Please, only sit down at a table when the bar staff has cleaned and desinfected it.
- Menu cards and drinks with QR-code and on non-touch screens.
- Cleaning and disinfection of cutlery, crockery and glassware.


- Carrying out express check-in online through an App, for all our clients in order to avoid queues and crowds of people in the reception hall.
-Methacrylate screens in the reception to avoid physical contact between clients and receptionists.
-Disinfection of room keys before each customer's check in.


Swimming pools
In and around the pool there is a capacity reduction. It is not necessary to reserve for sun beds and for swimming in the pool. Furthermore, families staying in the same room are allowed to slide their sunbeds next to each other and use them all day.
There must be at least a distance of 1.5 meters between family units.
Guests can only use the sunbeds until the sunbeds are disinfected before using them.


- Guests have to disinfect their hands before entering and please respect the maximum capacity.
In the supermarket everyone is obligated to wear masks to prevent contagion.
Guests have to keep a 1,5 meter distance in the supermarket with other people and the staff.


- The entertaiment will also continue this year with sports activities, shows and mini disco. Furthermore, the mini club is closed but these activities will continue outside


We have changed our booking conditions on all our rates to give more flexibility.

We don't have an exact opening date yet due to the changing information every day. What we can assure you is that this will be before July 1st.

Due to the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves, we have modified our booking conditions so that you can book your next vacation in complete safety.

For all the reservations that have your stay before this date, with any rate, the modification or cancellation of the reservation can be done without any cost until 24 hours before your arrival. If a deposit or the entire reservation has been paid, 100% of that amount will be refunded or in case of change of dates it will be used as a deposit for the next reservation.

For all arrivals from July 1:

Flexible rate reservations


Now they can modify their reservation up to 72 hours before their arrival at the hotel. You can cancel and make a new reservation through our website or you can directly contact our reservations department and we will be happy to help you with whatever you need. We will offer you special offers so that you can postpone your trip and share your holidays with us during another period.

Reservations with non-refundable rate


These are reservations where modifications or cancellations were not allowed. Now you can modify or cancel your reservation as long as it is at least 15 days in advance.

If you want to modify the dates, contact our reservations department for a special offer or if you prefer to cancel it, we will make you a voucher with the total amount paid so that you can use it for your next reservation at Marins Hotels.

On behalf of the entire Marins Hotels team, we want to thank you for your trust, support and commitment in these difficult times. We know that this will happen soon and we will be able to enjoy your stay with us together.